A progressive rock roundup

220px-Stevewilson-07Here’s one of my occasional public service addresses to inform new readers of some posts of interest, recent or otherwise, in this case on the topic of progressive rock. It was obvious when I started this site, based upon my listening tastes, that ambient music and progressive rock would be big focuses. However, in getting the site off the ground I paid a lot more attention to establishing an ambient music-loving audience by focusing more on that genre. While ambient is a big part still of what I (and now we) write about, I’ve been doing progressive rock reviews from the start too, but have ramped it up quite a bit in recent months. So it behooves me to point out to new readers the wealth of insight into prog artists to be found here. And there will be more in future.

I should point out, though, that electronic music (ie ambient) and prog merge in many places, so you might say this is one of the most progalicious little sites on the net. ;>


10 Classic International Prog-Rock Albums

10 Essential Classics of Krautrock

10 Lesser-Known Gems of 1970s British Progressive Rock

10 Great Post-2000 Progressive Rock Albums

10 More Great Post-2000 Progressive Rock Albums

10 More Classic International Prog-Rock Albums

Anathema  – (discography)

distant satellites

Weather Systems

Barclay James Harvest

Be Bop Deluxe –  Modern Music

Robert Calvert



Daniel Cavanagh and Joseph Geraci – The Passage

The Church  and Part II

Classics of 1970s French Progressive Rock

Classics of 1970s Italian Progressive Rock

Clearlight Symphony

Kevin Coyne

David Cross and Robert Fripp – Starless Starlight

Double Live! Grading the Glory of the 1970s Double Album

Robert Fripp – Exposure

Gazpacho – Demon

Genesis-  The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Steve Hackett – concert review


The Grandiose Late Seventies Heyday of the All-Star Concept Album

Harmonium – L’Heptade

Hawkwind – Hawkwind

IQ – Frequency

The Road of Bones

Jethro Tull

King Crimson

Marillion – Afraid of Sunlight

The Moody Blues

My Brother the Wind – I Wash My Soul in the Stream of Infinity

No-Man – Together We’re Stranger

Pendragon – concert review

Popol Vuh – Brüder des Schattens – Söhne des Lichts


and concert review

Sound of Contact- Dimensionaut

Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy – You Are Everything

Steve Rothery – concert review

Matt Stevens – Lucid

Strawbs – Hero and Heroine

Tangerine Dream – Zeit

Nik Turner – concert review

Van der Graaf Generator

Steven Wilson – in concert in Toronto, 2013



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