Mix 5: Roundup n Revue Rawk

This is a selection of songs, you know, with lyrics and everything, taken from review revues and roundups in the first two years of operation of this blog. I try to give some space and time to new rock music as well.

At some point I forgot I’d been referring to these posts as roundups and started calling them revues, but they’re the same thing. These particular albums may only have received a paragraph, but in order to do so they had to be better than, like, about a billion other submissions. So to make up for the wee amount of space I could devote to these artists at the time (and to thank them for the review copies, as opposed to just sending me a non-free Bandcamp link, grr), I present their fine work here. To read about them, go here and follow the roundup/revue links on the index page or search.

So yeah, those complimentary copies get you more than a review sometimes…


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