Revisiting the first posts

mad+catSo as I prepare my next mega-post (which involves revisiting the albums I wish to discuss so I don’t come across as not knowing what the hell I’m talking about), why don’t we take a short trip back to 2012?

When I started this blog, of course it was slow to get a readership; that’s how these things go. However, I think I started off pretty strong writing-wise, and perhaps some of those early posts from Nov./Dec. 2012 deserve to be read a few more times than they were. Don’t you agree?

Here is a smattering:

Tangerine Dream – Zeit: My first post was short-ish but I think I gave a good idea of exactly what makes the scary space trip of Zeit the best thing since sliced bagels.

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Twenty-Three – My review of the Swedish techno-dudes, now beat-free and oh so lovely, was also short-ish, but I thought it could be useful promo. Don’t think they used it as such, though.

Phillip Wilkerson – Sun Tracer – I wanted to pay homage to the glory of free netaudio, so what better artist than the prolific P-Wil to start with? And he’s good, I tells ya. No one does them synth pads better.

Stephan Micus – Darkness and Light – I love this album by the acoustic ambiance master so very much. It’s like an enlightenment experience in an hour. It IS! If you are not profoundly moved by Micus’s guitar pieces, you are a tool.

Be Bop Deluxe – Modern Music – The classiest, most intelligent seventies band since Roxy Music’s inception has still not received its due. So do give it that due!

Hawkwind – Hawkwind – You’d think legions of Hawkfans would love to come across such a review, which was written mostly as a tribute to recently deceased axeman Huw Lloyd-Langton. But surprisingly few have discovered it.

Matt Borghi – The Phantom Light – Borghi’s really really good at that ambient guitar thing, and you like that, right?

Helios – Eingya – I like this album a lot, and I guess lots of other people do too. Mr. Helios has yet to read it, I think. I assume.



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