Germania SMALLThis is one of my occasional posts to plug a new release of my own. Germania is an EP just released via the fine Batenim netlabel (meaning for FREE). Anyone who reads this blog knows I love Krautrock, meaning the freewheeling German experimental music of the early seventies that encompassed electronic music, psych rock and acid folk. I really, really love it. This special EP is a tribute to some of those artists and styles. I aimed to recapture something of the styles they pioneered, without slavish imitation, if you know what I mean. An homage, not a copycat recording. Hence, you may hear echoes of the music of Tangerine Dream, early (Cyborg) Klaus Schulze, Kraftwerk, Manuel Göttsching, and Popol Vuh in these tunes. The last track is a special tribute to Florian Fricke, whose music has been very influential to me. I play a Popol Vuh album about, oh … once a day on a good day.

The coming year will see my act become a duo since I have recorded a full album with a very good pianist. I am extremely proud of that recording (it’s sort of my magnum opus) and it is something you all will have to hear. But in the interim, recording this was a lot of fun, and I’m also proud of these results. Please consider listening to it.




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