Breaking news: Guest reviewing troops reinforce swamped writer

-1Big announcement of a sort. I have invited three fine gentlemen to “guest review”, ie. contribute regularly, here. The reasons are obvious: I can’t handle the volume of submissions as well as write erudite articles about my favourite things. I can do a bit of both, but heck, a man’s gotta know when he’s licked.

These three gentlemen have tastes in the same general area as the tastes I make for myself; they are fine cultural folk with impressive track records; and they will astound you with their insights.

Which will start flowing soon enough, I imagine.

They are:

Thomas Mathie

Thomas is an online music auteur, especially where ambient music is concerned. He runs the We Are All Ghosts netlabel, blogs as Headphonaught and puts together sweet mixes as Circumambient. This guy knows his stuff and he’s even nicer than myself.

Lee Rosevere

Lee is one of the Interwebs’ most accomplished ambient musicians, creator of numerous interesting recordings you should listen to. He also likes other kinds of music, I’m told. He runs the fine and quite venerable Happy Puppy netlabel.

Simon Slator

Simon is an enthusiast of the history of electronic music, so I look forward to his insights thereon. He also makes some of the finest classic-sounding ambient music you’ll ever hear, and he blogs about musical topics that strike his fancy.

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