Mix 6: Entering the Gateless Gate

Hi friends:

Back with a new mix. This is all by my act, The Gateless Gate, currently a duo with pianist Teri-Lynn Janveau.

These tracks are from the first five recordings:

Xinjiang (2012) A Krautfolk concept album about Central Asia

Heikan no Setsu (2013) An homage to Zen Buddhism made entirely of vocal sounds

Remnants (2013) An archival release of formative music

Germania (2013) A tribute to early seventies German experimental music

Near North (2014) An ambient/post-rock/new age evocation of our homeland

Our upcoming releases are:

Sibir (2014) (Psychonavigation/Offshoot) An ambient recording about Siberia

Myrrh (2014) “self-released”. An EP based around a nifty cover version

This mix is a special selection of some of the best of the tracks we have recorded. For more info, visit thegatelessgate.net or thegatelessgate.bandcamp.com.

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