Mea Maxima Culpa, Submitters

Sad_Cat_main-425x283A rare public service announcement: Make Your Own Taste, a one-humanoid operation, is now officially swamped with emails of submissions for review. This time last year, keeping up with the lower flow and even responding to one and all was quite possible. However, it appears I am a victim of my own success, and every time I log into that email, there’s more and more.

So I just wanna say that I really appreciate all you musicians out there including me in your promotional efforts. It means, I assume, that you think I will give good copy. I do look at every single email and I sample almost everything that comes through — there’s just a large lag of three months now, or more as I try to catch up. But a good quote is still valuable four months later, am I right?

I come from a family of easily guilted people, hence this confession. But being a musician myself, knowing that you have a good artistic creation to offer but rarely receiving any feedback (or responses at all) from labels or media can be a little crushing, and it happens to us all. Some of us more than others, perhaps. But that was one of the reasons for the creation of this blog — to help provide a voice to worthy musicians, no matter how popular or unknown they might be. But mainly for the benefit of the latter sort.

Anyway, I’ve digressed as always. My purpose here is to say: I’m gonna read and your email and listen to your submission, I swear!

In the meantime, please enjoy my favourite power ballad.


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